Bulk Wholesale Geraniol Terpenes

Wholesale Geraniol Terpenes

Why are wholesale purchasers switching to Global Cannabinoids for their bulk Geraniol orders?

Sourced From California – Wholesale purchasers are advised to keep their sourcing within the USA to ensure high-quality products.

Proprietary extraction process makes their bulk geraniol the most affordable on the market.

Every batch is consistent – Each strain is recreated using rich cannabis extracts using exclusive methods.

3rd Party Testing verifies that their purification processes work extremely well.

Full Of Flavor Traditional extraction methods lose much of the savored flavor and result in sub-par extracts. Global Cannabinoids has figured out a way to preserve the aroma and flavor of their terpenes, resulting in the most potent formulations in the world.

Created By Experts – With over 40 years of collective scientific experience in genomic biotechnology, they have the technology to read the genetic code of cannabis strains, providing much-needed insight into the creation of the entourage effect.

Industrial Scalability – Global Cannabinoids’ technological foundation is capable of expanding to industrial sizes, driving down the cost of goods as the market demand raises.

0% THC – Every batch is 3rd party tested to ensure that it contains no trace of THC. Each batch also contains 0% pesticides and is free of microbial contaminants and solvents.


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By now, most people know that different strains of cannabis have different effects on different people. However, most people don’t know that these effects, that the medical benefits of marijuana. These components can be extracted from cannabis or other plants that they naturally occur in. One of these terpenes, known for helping people who have seizures among other things, is geraniol.

This particular component has multiple uses, from being an anti-spasmodic to helping get rid of cancer, the number of uses for it seems almost limitless. As with all terpenes, it can either be extracted and used by itself, or it can be used in creams, foods, oils, and other combinations. Each of these uses varies depending on both preference and the health problem it is being used to target.

It is also added to a large number of food products in minuscule amounts to help flavor them. It is most commonly found when trying to reproduce a fruity flavor.

It is particularly useful for people with lowered immune systems as it is an anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial. It is also a neuroprotectant and helps prevent tumors. There are some indications that it can help shrink tumors, especially when used in conjunction with other treatments.

It has been used as an insect repellent and has been added to some different perfumes for the sweet geranium scent that it gives off as well. However, it should never be applied straight to the skin as it may be an irritant.

Master Kush, Headband, Lavender, Amnesia Haze, Great White Shark, and many other strands are high in this component. It is one of the more readily available terpenes and does not tend to have an incredibly strong smell. Many people favor mixing it with other terpenes to gain better therapeutic effects or to boost the efficiency with which it works.

The great versatility of the Geraniol terpene is one of the more amazing discoveries in medical cannabis science to date. There are a huge number of ongoing studies that seek to prove that it has, even more, uses and given its past track record, it is likely that they will able to prove many of those uses in the coming years.


Wholesale Geraniol Terpenes
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Wholesale Geraniol Terpenes
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