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Bulk Linalool Terpenoids


While most of the focus on medical marijuana research has been upon the treatment of major medical conditions, most people don’t realize that very specific compounds are responsible for most of these medical benefits. For example, the treatment of seizures, and the lessening of their duration is something that can mostly be attributed to a terpene known as Linalool.

It is entirely possible to get Linalool as an isolated compound, and Global Cannabinoids Provides the highest quality (ask for their 3rd party tests).


Why are buyers switching to Global Cannabinoids for their bulk Linalool orders?

Sourced From California – Wholesale purchasers are advised to keep their sourcing within the USA to ensure high quality products.

Proprietary extraction process makes their terpenes the most affordable on the market.

Every batch is consistent – Each strain is recreated using rich cannabis extracts using exclusive methods.

3rd Party Testing verifies that their purification processes work extremely well.

Full Of Flavor  Traditional extraction methods lose much of the savored flavor and result in sub-par extracts. Global Cannabinoids has figured out a way to preserve the aroma and flavor of their terpenes, resulting on the most potent formulations in the world.

Created By Experts – With over 40 years of collective scientific experience in genomic biotechnology, they have technology to read the genetic code of cannabis strains, providing much needed insight into the creation of the entourage effect.

Industrial Scalability – Global Cannabinoids’ technological foundation is capable of expanding to industrial sizes, driving down the cost of goods as the market demand raises.

0% THC – Every batch is 3rd party tested to ensure that it contains no trace of THC. Each batch also contains 0% pesticides and is free of microbial contaminants and solvents.


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Real Life Benefits

Most people who take this oil find that they have fewer seizures and that their seizures are less sever. It has also been shown to be safe for child use, something that traditional medications are not.

There are also less impressive, but still necessary, applications for this terpene. Many people with acne find that it clears them up without the possibility of liver damage that traditional acne medications carry. This then allows them to feel comfortable in their skin, and to feel that they are going to be able to take on the world.

People with anxiety often find that it helps them live a much more peaceful existence, without having to worry about lingering problems.

Finally, it has shown itself to be an excellent anti-depressant, working in much the same way as traditional SSRIs. This is another treatment where professionally separated or distilled options are going to be the most important and where a doctor should be contacted for dosage information. This also has the benefit of being non-addictive and not having the withdrawal symptoms that SSRIs have when people stop taking them, making it an easy short term solution or one that can be stopped at times to check on the progress of one’s depression.

Overall, Linalool and other terpenes have paved the way for more medical discoveries in the realm of seizure treatment and other medical conditions as well.