Bulk Wholesale Geraniol Terpenes

Wholesale Geraniol Terpenes (Available Now In Bulk!)

Wholesale Geraniol Terpenes Why are wholesale purchasers switching to Global Cannabinoids for their bulk Geraniol orders? Sourced From California – Wholesale purchasers are advised to keep their sourcing within the USA to ensure high-quality products. Proprietary extraction process makes their bulk geraniol the most affordable on the market. Every batch is consistent – Each strain is recreated

Terpene Geraniol

Geraniol Geraniol is a compound that produces a fragrant, charming smell similar to roses. It gives off a fragrant aroma that is pleasing to the nose. This is what puts it on a first choice basis for many toilet and body products. Manufacturers often use bits of it in the production of certain kinds of