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Bulk and Wholesale Limonene Terpenoids

Wholesale Limonene Terpenes – Available For Bulk Orders

Why are buyers switching to Global Cannabinoids for their bulk Limonene terpenes? Sourced From California – Wholesale purchasers are advised to keep their sourcing within the USA to ensure high quality products. Proprietary extraction process makes their bulk limonene terpenoids the most affordable on the market. Every batch is consistent – Each strain is recreated using rich

Introduction to Terpenes

Introduction to Terpenes The cannabis plant consists of a wide variety of chemicals and compounds. About 140 of these belong to a large class of aromatic organic hydrocarbons known as terpenes (pronounced tur-peens). You may have also heard people talk about terpenoids. The words terpene and terpenoid are increasingly used interchangeably, although these terms do

Energy and Terpenes

Terpenoids and Terpenes Informational Website

What Are Terpenes? Terpenoids or Terpenes are a naturally occurring compound that can be found in all plants and flowers, including the cannabis/hemp plant. Cannabis has the largest variety of terpenoids in a single plant, in the plant kingdom. Science and experimentation are showing us that terpenoids are similar to cannabinoids in the sense that