Terpene Carene Benefits

Terpene Carene, or to be specific Delta-3-carene, is a bicyclic monoterpene. It has a pleasant, pungent odor. It can be found naturally in many healthy, beneficial essential oils. Examples of these oils include juniper berry oil, fir needle essential oils and cypress oil. When administered in high concentrations, delta-3-carene can act effectively as a central nervous system depressant. It is used for other functions such as drying out excess body fluids, such as mucus, tears, and sweat.

It has no toxic properties but could cause irritation if inhaled. It is also suggested that, in some strains, high concentrations of delta-3-carene may, to some extent, be responsible for symptoms of itchy throat, coughing and eye afflictions especially when smoking cannabis.

Delta-3-carene can also be naturally extracted from bell pepper, basil oil, pine extract, grapefruit, and orange juices; citrus peel oils from fruits like limes, mandarins, tangerines, lemons, oranges, and kumquats.
It forms a major component of turpentine and is also used as a food additive for flavoring in many products.
More About Carene

Carene is a monoterpene that is easily found in many healthy and beneficial essential oils, such as fir needle oil and cypress oil. It has an earthy aroma that is piney in resemblance. It is also a constituent of medical marijuana. Our focus in this article is to discuss how it can be beneficial to the user and how the said user can expect to glean healthy effects from it.

To start with, when administered in high concentrations, Carene becomes not just an annoying skin irritant, but also a cure for depression. This is because it has properties that allow it to depress the central nervous system. It is also anti-inflammatory properties, and as such, that makes it useful in drying out excess bodily fluids (like menstrual flow, tears, and runny noses).

Terpene Carene

Terpene Carene

If you are wondering if Carene is right for you?

The first thing you have to consider is the state’s law. If you reside in a state that recognizes medical marijuana (or marijuana in general) as legal, then the next step is to consult a medical professional on whether the use of a strain high in Carene (3-carene) is advisable for you. It is important to do research before you begin usage. This is because some states do not see marijuana as legal and as such, its usage may not be acceptable. So make sure you are aware of existing laws before you begin usage of Carene.

Be very observant about your body. If you notice that you are stuffy or you are experiencing excess bodily fluids such as excess tears or a runny nose, this terpene might just be right for you! If you are a woman suffering from a heavy menstrual flow, medical marijuana containing Carene could just be what you need. Simply make sure you get a doctor’s order for it. Remember that it also has anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, if you find yourself sick or you are suffering from inflammation of any kind, Carene might just be what you need to take care of yourself.

So if you’re wondering which strains contain Carene, it is possible that you have already found several! Terpene is the culprit that is responsible for the red-eyed look and dry mouth that marijuana is recognized for giving its users. So as long as state’s law consider it legal where you live, and a physician provides you with the prescription, the next time you feel ill or experience excess fluids oozing out of your body and you need them dried up, get out your medical marijuana and enjoy the many health benefits Carene has to offer.