Geraniol is a compound that produces a fragrant, charming smell similar to roses. It gives off a fragrant aroma that is pleasing to the nose. This is what puts it on a first choice basis for many toilet and body products. Manufacturers often use bits of it in the production of certain kinds of perfumes. It is also used as an effective mosquito repellant. As far as the field of medicine is concerned, it shows great potential in the treatment of neuropathy. Neuropathy refers to the disease of the nervous system. It is usually a degenerative illness or disorder that affects the nervous system

Learn About Geraniol

Generally speaking, when you pick up a candle to repel mosquitoes the first thing that might be noticed is a strong smell – the smell of citronella. However, what you may not instantly realize is that the oil that is involved with the production of citronella also has been found in some of the other oils as well. In fact, the compound that is found in rose oil and palmarosa is the same compound that is found in citronella. The name of that oil is Geraniol. Geraniol is an alcohol-based compound that a lot of people will readily recognize because it is commonly used in getting rid of insects.


Because Geraniol is an alcohol-based compound, it has the -ol ending on it – that will make more sense to chemistry professionals. However, what this also means is that it is a compound that is not going to dissolve in water. In order words, it is not soluble. You will need to have this at the back your mind because for the compound to dissolve, it has to be mixed in with some of the other organic compounds that are present. An organic compound refers to a compound that has a carbon chain included in its chemical makeup. Great care must be taken as the carbon chain can make the item somewhat flammable depending on the substance it was mixed with.

The most common use is in repelling bugs especially mosquitos. You may also notice that it has a rose scent as well. Because of this, it is employed in the production of feminine perfumes. One other thing to note, interestingly, though, is that it is also commonly found in food. It is used as a food flavoring – a substance people put into their food or drinks to change the flavor of their food or beverages.

It is crucial that you know about certain chemicals before you begin to use them. It is unfortunate that many people do not have enough information about the compounds they use, and this results in indiscriminate use. That is why people must learn about Geraniol before using it. Knowing about this compound will make it unproblematic for people to know what they are putting in their bodies. This will allow them to know if it is an item they can easily administer to themselves or if it is one they should be worried about consuming.