Humulene is also known as α-humulene and α–caryophyllene . it is a sesquiterpene; an isomer of β–caryophyllene. Humulene is found in cannabis Sativa strains, hops, and Vietnamese coriander, among other naturally occurring substances. Humulene is found in beer. It is, in fact, responsible for the beer’s distinct ‘hoppy’ aroma.

It is considered to have many properties including anti-bacterial, anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, and anorectic (that is, it suppresses appetite). When blended with β–caryophyllene, the combination has been commonly used as a cure for inflammation. Chinese practitioners have used it in Chinese medicine for multiple generations due to its healing properties. It also aids in weight loss by acting as an appetite suppressant (that way you do not have to eat too much).


All About Humulene

Humulene is one of many constituents found in “Humulus lupulus”. It is from “Humulus lupulus” that it gets its name. It can be found naturally in basil, clove, cannabis sativa and again hops. Because it is found in hops and hops is a major ingredient in producing beer, it is responsible for giving beer its distinctive smell. Its aroma is subtle, natural and earthy, with lots of spicy herbal notes that you might recognize it with ease in some of your favorite strains. Unlike most strains of cannabis, that actually encourage you to eat more, Humulene acts as a suppressant of hunger. The more you consume, the less likely you are to be hungry. Because it is found in medical marijuana, our focus in this article will be to discuss how Humulene is beneficial to the user and in what ways said user can expect to be treated while using any cannabis strain containing Humulene.

Benefits of Humulene

It can be used to relieve pain. Humulene, because it is a depressant, can help reduce pain. This makes it a good pain reliever. It can also be used as an anti-bacterial. This is because it contains properties that slow down the growth of bacteria.

It has also been suggested that the use of Humulene actually inhibits the growth of cancer cells, and as mentioned above, it is a highly effective hunger suppressant, so it helps the user to control what they eat and in doing so control their weight.

As regards its anti-inflammatory properties, it has been found to be effective both topically and internally. it is not only enough that it is effective in both ways, but it has also been compared to dexamethasone, which is a steroidal anti-inflammatory. This is why it has been used for years in Chinese medicine, and in recent times in medical marijuana.
If you are wondering if Humulene is right for you?

First, ascertain that medicinal marijuana is legal in your location. If it is legal and you want to be treated with it, you need to fully understand what your needs are. You must understand that unlike many other strains of marijuana, Humulene is an appetite suppressant. If you are overweight, or you need to get a grip on your hunger, then you have found the right choice. Rather than spending your money on expensive diet pills and extreme diets, try Humulene-bearing strains and watch wonders happen.

For those whose needs are related to allergies, or infections, Humulene-infused strains of medical marijuana could just be what they need. This is due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Remember to always check with a physician Also, make sure that the laws in the state you live in recognize medical marijuana as legal.

If you are interested in further research, especially when it comes to Humulene-infused strains of medical marijuana, you might want to watch out for certain strains. Some strains that contain a good percentage of it are Pink Kush, Headband, White Widow, Sour Diesel, and Girl Scout Cookies. And remember, before trying any new treatment, whether it be a new medication or medical marijuana, look into the laws where you live and consult a medical professional.