Limonene is a monocyclic monoterpenoid. There are two major compounds that can be formed from Pinene, and Limonene is one of them. As we can see from the name, varieties that have strong citrusy smells like oranges, lemons, and limes are high in limonene. Strains that are high in limonene stimulate a general uplift in mood and attitude. This citrusy terpene is also the major component in rosemary, citrus fruit rinds, juniper, and peppermint. It can be found as well in many pine needle oils.

Limonene is most usually absorbed into the body by inhalation, and quickly one can notice its manifestation in the bloodstream. Once in the bloodstream, it aids in the absorption of other terpenes through the skin and other body tissue. It is a well-studied and proven fact that limonene suppresses the growth of many species of bacteria and fungi. This makes it an effective anti-fungal agent for issues such as toenail fungus. It has also been suggested to be beneficial in preventing many kinds of various cancers. Currently, orally administered limonene is being tested, and clinical trials are ongoing in the treatment of breast cancer. Even more, this incredible compound has been known to help facilitate weight-loss. d

Plants that produce limonene use it as a natural insecticide to ward off predators. In the beginning, it was used in food and perfumes alone. This continued until a couple of decades ago when it became famous as the primary active ingredient in a citrus cleaner. It has a very low toxicity level, and as such, adverse effects are rarely recorded with it.

What is Limonene and Its Effects or Benefits?

Have you ever tried a particular type of medical cannabis like Tangie or Super Lemon Haze? If you have, you might notice that there is always a distinctive and refreshing lemon smell. That chemical responsible for that smell if found in cannabis flower. The name of that chemical is terpene.


So what are the medicinal values of limonene? It is often used in the production of household products and cosmetics. However, as far as the field of medicine is concerned, there are so many benefits to glean from Limonene. On its own, it is commonly used to help certain patients treat their digestive or gastric reflux problems.
However, that is not all. More benefits that are noticeable include its healing properties in handling heartburn, elevating mood and attitudes, and relieving stress. Other properties of Limonene include its antifungal and antibacterial properties. This is why it is often sought out and included in the production of cosmetics and household products.

If you are already becoming interested in Limonene for any of the above reasons, that is a good thing. However, it is expedient that you find out strains that contain a high content of limonene. This is because most of the time, some cannabis plant’s flower will only give off traces of the limonene. Nevertheless, different strains will give off more of it depending on the cultivation of the plants and how they are cured.

When harvested, not all flowers will give off the same yield. Some will give off a high yield of limonene while others will be very low. There is the need to test all harvest batches so that you can find just the exact amounts that are necessary. If you are looking for the right strain at a medical collective, you have to ask. For some people, however, rather than ask, they only follow their nose when they have a collective and are trying to find a high-quality strain. If a flower smells of lemony or citrusy, there are high chances that it has a high concentration of limonene content. When you smell one with a high concentration, you should instantly feel ecstatic, animated, de-stressed and inventive.

Apart from its medicinal value, Limonene is also used in the production of solvent products. Over time, it has become a greatly preferred alternative to turpentine for stripping paint. The reason for this is that it is harmless when compared with alternatives like stamp glues and airplane glues. Limonene is also being used in 3D printing. There are also indications that it could also be used as biofuel. This is due to its ability to combust in particular compositions.

Limonene is an excellent medicine with significant benefits that extend outside its medicinal uses. When you are selecting a strain to use, if you cannot smell the lemony fragrance right away, you have to ask. Most of the strains, however, will have names that indicate that they possess the all-beneficial terpene.

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