Bulk Humulene Terpenoids


Why are Wholesale purchasers switching to Global Cannabinoids for their bulk Humulene ?

Sourced From California – Wholesale purchasers are advised to keep their sourcing within the USA to ensure high quality products.

Proprietary extraction process makes their humulene the most affordable on the market.

Every batch is consistent – Each strain is recreated using rich cannabis extracts using exclusive methods.

3rd Party Testing verifies that their purification processes work extremely well.

Full Of Flavor  Traditional extraction methods lose much of the savored flavor and result in sub-par extracts. Global Cannabinoids has figured out a way to preserve the aroma and flavor of their terpenes, resulting on the most potent formulations in the world.

Created By Experts – With over 40 years of collective scientific experience in genomic biotechnology, they have technology to read the genetic code of cannabis strains, providing much needed insight into the creation of the entourage effect.

Industrial Scalability – Global Cannabinoids’ technological foundation is capable of expanding to industrial sizes, driving down the cost of goods as the market demand raises.

0% THC – Every batch is 3rd party tested to ensure that it contains no trace of THC. Each batch also contains 0% pesticides and is free of microbial contaminants and solvents.


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The Various Uses Of Humulene

When it comes to losing weight and healing quickly, there are some different terpenes that can help out the body. However, there is one that particularly useful that doing both, and that may be the perfect one for people who are suffering from cancer or bacterial infections. This is Humulene, one of the most common of the terpenes.

Humulene is one of the few types found within cannabis that reduces the urge to eat. It does this by suppressing the hunger response in the body, allowing humans to better regulate what they eat. This is the opposite of what most people think of when it comes to cannabis, as the idea of the late night munchies has always been the most common side effect associated with marijuana. This is why the terpene is often isolated or bred for to ensure that it will have the proper effect.

For many people, this lowered appetite is what they need to get off stubborn pounds and step out of the realm of clinical obesity.

Another use for it is the treatment of cancerous tumors. This use will often see it be combined with other terpenes to ensure that the whole body stays healthy, but these mixes will usually be rather heavy on Humulene to make sure that the tumors are shrunk. Therapy will then continue until they are gone, or until they can be removed. This one of the ways that cancers that were formerly considered to be terminal can be treated through advances in cannabis-based research.

It can also be used to ensure the correct delivery of other medications, increasing the likely hood that patients will respond to treatment.

It is an anti-inflammatory that can be taken a number of ways, including orally and through surface application. This is particularly useful for people who are suffering from arthritis pair or who are experiencing massive amounts of swelling after an injury or surgery.

Finally, it is an anti-bacterial, helping keep the body safe from various bacterial infections. This comes in handy when treating cancer as the body will often lose the ability to protect itself while in treatment for cancer.

Overall Humulene (terpene) is one of the most versatile terpenes on the market. It helps people of all ages from all walks of life and may very well save lives each and every time it is used.